Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cookbooks Arrived Today

    158 copies of my Amish cookbook and 10 posters for the shows arrived today.  I gave my UPS guy one of the cookbooks. He is always so nice, as are the other UPS drivers.  They did a great job on the posters.  The cover of my cookbook has an Amish buggy driving down a snow-covered lane.  Ahhh...I remember the wonderful hot chocolate and soft-baked molasses cookies when we would go riding in the snow.  Of course, those sweet goodies were back at the oversized farm that we would have to dventure up snow-covered dirt roads to get back to.  I will be making Amish Unbaked Peanut Butter Bars for the shows.  They are good with a glass of cold milk or a cup of hot cocoa. 
     It is raining here now with winter just around the corner.  As I am head back to check on breads in the oven, I sure miss the wood-burning stove, such deeply comforting food! Winter in Amish communities is a time to slow down and rest- a time to get extra quilting done and catch up with family and friends through correspondence.  I know very few people who actually write letters now.  It is so different in English communities.  I always get lots of wonderful cards from my Mennonite sisters and look forward to receiving them.  I think this email trend will change as more and more people find the joy in getting penpals, at least I hope it does change.  Thinking of someone special?  Send a card out today.  I am sure they will just love it!



Monday, October 26, 2009


     I am busy with baking Amish Friendship Bread, Pumpkin Bread and Banana Bread this week.  I hope to get Amish crackers done, too.  I am very excited about my upcoming show tour.  Gaylord, Michigan is supposed to get some snow when I arrive, but the high is supposed to be in the mid-40s, so it will melt.  We used to eat snow cream when I was little.  Mom would make wonderful candy out of it.  I haven't had snow cream in years. 
      Mark, at the Gaylord Hampton Inn,  was wonderful in booking me two extra nights for the trip.  I am presenting in Alcona on the 3rd, then Gaylord on the 4th, so I figured I would just stay the whole time in the same place.  I am Hilton Gold, so like to get the points, too.  I am almost to the Diamond level due to my traveling so much.  I like Hampton Inn because of their Cloud Nine Beds.  Winchester, Kentucky has a wonderful Hampton Inn if you are ever in the area.  Darryl, the owner, has Christian meetings in the business room every week.  I have attended several.  I just adore Christian businesses!  I used to be Breakfast Hostess at Lexington Airport's Hampton Inn years ago.  I loved talking to the guests and trying to get them to visit the local horse farms and other attractions. 
      I will have pictures and videos of my trip to post when I return from my final show in Orlando.  Andrew and Andrea and the baby are coming back with me for the holidays.  I am very excited to get to have both grandbabies, Jason Rome Tinsley, and Gabriel Nathaniel, with me for Thanksgiving.  You know, Thanksgiving is all about family and the gratitude that you share.  The Amish and Mennonites have taught me that it is people that matter, not things, so lets remember that this holiday season...and swing by one of my simple, yet simply good shows!



Thursday, October 15, 2009


Twitter has become my absolute past-time, until working so many hours weeks ago. I am now glad to have a week off so I can catch back up with my Tweets. I am still working part of the time, finishing my media blitz and school shows for the November and December Cooking Show Tour. "Christmas in Deutsch Country" is my theme for this segment's shows. I will be cooking up Christmas goodies, discussing about the Amish Christmas traditions and the traditions I have now from my own family and Mennonite extended "adopted" family. I will still be tweeting from my Blackberry and Mac while gone. Actually, the Mac is an early Christmas gift from a very special "someone." A huge "Thanks", to my wonderful friend! Well, I have to get back to Twitter and recipe-writing for my next cookbook.