Friday, July 10, 2009

The Glitz

I had the opportunity to lunch at The Glitz, a wonderfully unique spot nestled in Nonesuch, Kentucky. It isn't only the creatively fresh-made food that tempts my wallet, for their huge historic home is filled to the brims with the neatest antiques, couture gem-lined handbags and their own homemade Spiced Apple Cider and Poppy Seed Dressing. I had a bottle of the Cider when I left and must confess that I just had a large ice-rimmed glass to refresh me from the long day's chores of work and travel. The Glitz is operated by the Hannigan family, who has a strong tradition to keep guests coming back time and time again for there glittery mauve-black atmosphere and the unique shopping experience. A three-course meal, drinks included, will run you only $19.95 plus tax and tip, a very good deal for such a wonderful dining experience. And you get your own flute glass of their Spiced Apple Cider to start things off. The menus change seasonally and incorporates distinctive family recipes.

I had the Chilled Peach Soup as an appetizer, its creme-blend and burst of fresh peaches made it very refreshing on a hot summer day. A fresh slice of Blueberry Bread adored the plate. Since I am a huge fan of chicken salad, I had to try their Town and Country Chicken Salad, which had pulled chicken breast, finely diced cucumbers, a hint of dill, and cubes of fresh-boiled eggs. Blue Cheese Croutons sat atop the nice portion of salad, and local tomatoes, carrot curls, scallions and deeply green cucumbers circled the dish. A fresh muffin was served with the meal, having a sweet-crunchy texture to die for...then, as if I wasn't already enjoying the sweet creations, I had to have the Berry Trifle for dessert, moist layers of sponge cake with vanilla pudding, strawberry and blueberry sauces and fresh berries. Have I got you hungry for uniquely Glitz food? Go to to make your lunch reservation now. They are open Tuesday through Saturday and reservations are required.